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DAABHS works hand in hand with two types of partners serving slightly different functions.

Regional Prevention Providers

These large organizations bring substance use information and resources to all 75 counties. They deliver evidence-based training and technical assistance to communities of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds.

They maintain a Prevention Resource Clearinghouse for information and educational materials related to

  • Healthy living that is free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  • Reducing individual, family, and community risk factors

The work of Regional Prevention Providers is funded by the Substance Abuse Block Grant.

Regional Lead Agencies

The Regional Lead Agencies share substance misuse information and resources related to underage drinking and marijuana, specifically for ages 9 to 20. They reach all 75 counties by dividing responsibilities across 13 service areas. Each agency is comprised of a contiguous block of counties, community coalitions, and youth prevention programs.

Similar to Regional Prevention Providers, they provide training and technical assistance to implement evidence-based prevention strategies and practices. They also support the maintenance of the Prevention Resource Clearinghouse. Regional Lead Agencies are funded through the Partnerships for Success grant.