About AR Prevention

Prevention Is Our Mission

RAAD is the overarching theme for substance abuse prevention in Arkansas encouraging everyone to Rise Above Alcohol & Drugs!

Our goal is to create a curriculum and data-driven messages that encourage changed behavior. We can do this by educating and uniting community stakeholders, school leaders, faith-based groups, and business leaders throughout Arkansas. 

The RAAD campaign corrects misconceptions and stigma surrounding alcohol and drug misuse through media outreach, educational events, and trainings throughout the state.

Find out ways you can contribute to the RAAD mission to:

  • Educate citizens
  • Empower communities
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Enhance prevention efforts through community mobilization to foster a healthy and positive environment.

Follow the latest developments in state prevention efforts. We share news about state policy changes, the work of RAAD partners, and success stories of organizations and communities effectively fighting substance misuse.

The Arkansas Epidemic

Arkansas is battling a deadly drug epidemic. Between 2019 and 2020, Arkansas experienced a 40% increase in overdose deaths. This rate is higher than the national average. The two leading culprits are fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Addictive substances are widely available to children and adults of all ages. These substances include alcohol, marijuana, prescription painkillers, and powerful illegal drugs.

Given the wide availability of these substances, children are trying drugs at earlier ages. In a recent study, Arkansas adolescents who use marijuana or hashish reported their first-time use between the ages of 13 and 14. These substances were present in 79% of drug arrests in young adults.

Arkansas has taken many bold steps to combat substance misuse, including increasing access to treatment services, implementing prescription drug monitoring programs and cracking down on illegal drug trafficking. By sharing information and participating in RAAD prevention efforts, individuals and communities will reduce the need for these costly programs, and more importantly, save lives.


The RAAD campaign is managed by
Department of Human Services’ Division of Aging, Adult and Behavioral Health Services, Substance Abuse Prevention.