A multi-faceted approach to prevention

DAABHS receives federal funding for six major prevention programs that address different populations. We subcontract with large partners—such as MidSOUTH, the training arm of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Social Work, and the Reynolds Institute of Aging at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences—to manage programs and coordinate partnerships with other organizations throughout the state. 

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Substance Abuse Block Grant

Substance Abuse Block Grant coordinates the Save AR Students campaign for youth substance use prevention. 

Arkansas Collegiate Network

Arkansas Collegiate Network provides training and resources to decrease substance use and overdose risks on college campuses.

Partnerships for Success Grant

Partnership for Success Grant coordinates agencies in communities throughout the state to provide training and technical support to reduce underage drinking and the use of marijuana among youth ages 9 to 20 years.

First Responders Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act Grant

First Responders Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act Grant aims to reduce opioid overdose deaths through training programs and the distribution of overdose reversal medication to first responders or individuals in environments where overdoses are more likely to occur. 

State Opioid Response III (SORIII)

SORIII trains health providers on safe pain management practices and raises public awareness of risks involved with opioid use.

Stop Stigma

Stop Stigma is a public awareness campaign to eliminate negative perceptions of substance use disorders and to remove barriers to treatment.