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Education is the key to saving lives!

RAAD partners deliver engaging training sessions and education programs to a variety of audiences. All trainings share the latest research and best practices to prevent substance use disorders, overdose, and death.

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MidSOUTH Substance Abuse Online Training

MidSOUTH is a training and education organization that equips practitioners, providers, and advocates with the essential tools to empower oppressed and vulnerable populations and make community-wide improvements through continuing education in the areas of child welfare, healthy families/family support, prevention, and addiction. 

Online Training Courses:

S23OL001S1 (Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse)

S23OL001S2 (Heroin, Cocaine and Other Drugs)

S23OL001S3 (Marjiuana and Other Drugs)

S23OL001S4 (Tobacco)

S23OL001S5 (Alcohol)

S23OL001S6 (Substance Abuse and the Military)

For more information about MidSOUTH’s programs and services, please explore this website.

The Naloxone Project

More than 1,700 lives have been saved through the Arkansas Naloxone Project! 

The Naloxone Project trains first responders, school nurses and librarians to identify and respond to symptoms of opioid overdose. Participants are taught to administer naloxone, an FDA-approved medication that can reverse the effects of the overdose. Participants receive a naloxone kit at the end of training.

Opioid Prevention for Aging and Longevity (OPAL)

Healthcare providers, mature adults, and their health providers receive training on opioid pain medications, non-opioid pain medications, and integrative medicine therapies like tai chi, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and other therapies for the management of chronic pain.

Normally I took aspirin, but I don’t even take it now. When I had my left knee operation a year ago, I only took the pain medicine as necessary. Now, I only take Advil if the pain is severe, and it helps.
– OPAL Participant

Training for College Campuses

The Arkansas Collegiate Network provides training and resources to increase access to naloxone (or Narcan) overdose reversal medication on college campuses. It allows bystander rescuers to save the lives of victims of opioid overdose by using strategically placed smart cabinets, called “Naloxboxes.”